#AARSBL15 Blogger Dinner Venue

#AARSBL15 Blogger Dinner Venue September 18, 2015

It is about time we chose a venue for the blogger dinner in Atlanta, which will be from 5pm on Sunday, November 22nd.

Three places seem like natural choices to consider:

Max Lager’s

Gibney’s Pub

Meehan’s Public House

Pubs work well for this sort of event, because then people can come and go, can have just drinks, an appetizer, or an entree, and not feel awkward about their choice, and can also get up and chat with other bloggers around other tables without much difficulty if they want to.

All three of the pubs listed above are just 3-4 minutes’ walk from the Convention Center.

I’m happy to consider other options, especially if someone who knows Atlanta well has recommendations.

Let me know your preference – and I will also consider your comment here to be an unofficial RSVP. I intend to contact whichever location gets the most votes to see whether they can actually accommodate our group that evening at that time.

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