Understanding Biblical Inerranists

Understanding Biblical Inerranists October 7, 2015

Fred Clark understanding Biblical inerrantists

The quote comes from Fred Clark’s recent post, “How to understand ‘Biblical inerrantists.'” Here is a larger excerpt:

The modern assertion of “biblical inerrancy” basically boils down to the claim by certain white Christians that “The Bible says what we say it says, and nothing else, and so you must listen to us as though we were God.”

The claim “the Bible is inerrant” can never be separated from the claim “I can read the Bible perfectly.” It’s not primarily about error or errors at all, but about authority. The Bible is the ultimate arbiter of authority. My reading of the Bible is the ultimate arbiter of what the Bible means. Therefore, I am the ultimate arbiter of authority.

Such a blunt and blatant grab for god-like power may seem a bit crude, but what else would you expect from a “doctrine” that was designed to defend and sanctify the practice of white supremacy, slavery, colonialism and the slaughter of indigenous people?

Click through to read the rest. See also Tim Bulkeley’s post in which he expresses his bewilderment about the language of the infamous Chicago Declaration on Biblical Inerrancy. There is also a series on Biblical inerrancy on the Interpreting Scripture blog.

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