Wednesday Apocalypse

Wednesday Apocalypse October 6, 2015

I was in two minds about whether to even blog about the prediction some have made that the world will end tomorrow, October 7th.

But then I realized that, just as happens with the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy, so too with calculating the end of the world: people getting it wrong over and over in the past doesn’t always lead people to think that the approach itself is misguided.

But it should. The world is not going to end tomorrow – unless some crazy people who think it should decide to try to make it happen and manage to do something like launching a nuclear attack.

The possibility of that scenario is not entirely unrealistic – and that is why apocalyptic belief systems are dangerous.

Don’t be misled by “blood moon” nonsense. I remember once hearing a preacher claim that an eclipse was a supernatural event, because if it had been a natural one it never would have ended. I think that may be the only time I got up and walked out of a church because I simply could not in good conscience fail to protest the level of idiocy that was being spouted from the pulpit.

Rather than waiting for the world to end, my recommendation is that you do something that makes sense in the long term. For instance, why not start a band? It occurs to me that “Wedesday Apocalypse” could be a good name for a band.

It is definitely better as a name for a band, than as a genuine prediction. You’ll see, tomorrow.

Wednesday Apocalypse

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  • Ian

    unless some crazy people … [launch] a nuclear attack …. that is why apocalyptic belief systems are dangerous.

    I think that is so staggeringly unlikely as to not be dangerous at all.

    I think the danger is people killing or maiming themselves or their dependents. Like Lyn Benedetto, who slit the throats of both her daughters just before Harold Camping’s predicted apocalypse, because she didn’t want them to struggle if she were raptured without them.

    If you’ve relatives or friends who have bought into these prophecies, keep an eye out for their safety, and that of their children. The world is in no danger, but it’s inhabitants can be.

  • The Eh’theist

    Late night last night. It took two cups of coffee this morning before I realized I was in the Apocalypse. Had I realized I might have splurged on fancy coffee.

    I read somewhere this week that we err in not assessing a negative score to “prophets” for each negative apocalyptic prediction, much like insurance companies assume car accidents are predictors of future car accidents. Instead we keep looking at a person’s “qualifications” and assuming that those earn the person further attention to future predictions. Negative assessments help change this approach.

    So for example, Harold Camping after his multiple attempts might have been at -5 or so, which leads to the thought if Mr. Camping is now statistically less likely to be correct about the Apocalypse than I am (with a score of 0), in spite of my lack of expertise, aren’t we best served to treat such predictions with a massive grain of salt? Even more so if we also assign assign a score including negative assessment to apocalyptic prediction in general, just as some cities are considered higher accident risks.

  • John MacDonald

    Maybe it will just be the start of the Apocalypse, like the AntiChrist revealing herself.

  • John MacDonald

    The beginning of the signs of the apocalypse started to come yesterday. The Chicago Cubs, who haven’t won the World Series since 1908, began their ascent by winning the Wild Card game, the first step in fulfilling the prophesy made in the movie Back To The Future 2: