Revelation Roundup

Revelation Roundup June 30, 2021

There was enough blogging about Revelation recently to merit a blog post collecting them for convenience of blog readers.

Four Tips for Reading the Book of Revelation (Guest: Dr. David deSilva)

Why My Book on Revelation Has Been Different To Write

Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars: Guffey, The Book of Revelation

There is no actual connection between this and Revelation, but there is an imaginary one:

Christian Man Sues Employer, Saying Getting Fingerprinted Violates His Faith



"Hi James: I had already dealt with this theory when it was presented some time ..."

Mary Magdalene (and other biblical towers)
"(2/2) Or, maybe Mary was just really tall lol"

Mary Magdalene (and other biblical towers)
"Gnostic Christian texts portray Mary Magdalene as an apostle, as Jesus's closest and most beloved ..."

Mary Magdalene (and other biblical towers)
"I just finished editing a short post defending Dunn against the critique of Ehrman regarding ..."

Thoughts on Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus ..."

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