58 Years of Computing

58 Years of Computing November 30, 2015

58 years of computing

The above photo came to my attention on Facebook. It is a very clever way of making the point about how much computers have changed over the past 58 years. The photo at the top is the first delivery of a computer. The photo at the bottom has one that has a much greater computing power, held in someone’s hand, at the right distance from the very same building in Norwich, England, so as to make it look like it is in the same spot.

There are lots of things that we can think of to trace technological change. But somehow this photo seemed to me to make the point particularly clearly, picturesquely, and amusingly.

Any other photos that one could use to make similar points about other changes over the past 58 years or so?

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  • How about our legal acceptance of marriage over the past 48 years.

  • Not a chip off the old blocky package;-)

  • Nick G

    One from 46 years ago, showing an astronaut standing on the moon, and another without the astronaut, as sending people there is something we’ve lost the ability to do.