#AARSBL15 Blogger Dinner and Drinks at Meehan’s

#AARSBL15 Blogger Dinner and Drinks at Meehan’s November 18, 2015

Here’s the latest and probably final update about the meeting of AAR religion bloggers and SBL bibliobloggers at this year’s annual meeting in Atlanta, for dinner and/or drinks. It is scheduled for the evening of Sunday, November 22nd, at 5pm. The event will be held at Meehan’s Public House, which is located at 200 Peachtree St NE. They have reserved their Dublin room for the event. It starts at 5pm, but it is perfectly acceptable to arrive later if you can’t make it then.

This event has been a fantastic one year after year. Should we put it in the program book, starting in 2016? It

One other question: we used to call it the “bibliobloggers’ dinner” but that doesn’t fit the joint AAR/SBL character of the event now that the two organizations are meeting together again. Should we just stick with AAR/SBL Bloggers, or should we compress it and call this the SBLAARggers’ event?


biblioblogger dinner

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