#AARSBL15 Bloggers’ Gathering Change of Venue

#AARSBL15 Bloggers’ Gathering Change of Venue November 15, 2015

When I picked Gibney’s for the Bloggers’ gathering, I didn’t notice an important detail: they are closed on Sundays!

And so let’s move the event to Meehan’s Public House, at 200 Peachtree Street, just 3 minutes’ walk from the Convention Center.

I am going to see if they have a back room available for us, and if so will ask if we can use it for the event, rather than just make the main dining area and bar more crowded. And so I think I need to get as precise a number of attendees as possible. And so can everyone who is planning to attend, whether just for drinks or to order dinner, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail, especially if you have not done so already?

Thank you, and apologies for this change of venue so close to the event!

As a reminder, the event will be Sunday, November 22nd at 5pm.




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