#AARSBL15 Bloggers’ Dinner and Drinks Venue

#AARSBL15 Bloggers’ Dinner and Drinks Venue October 16, 2015

I am announcing the venue for the 2015 SBL and AAR blogger dinner and drinks. It will begin at 5:00pm on Sunday, November 22nd and will be at Gibney’s Irish Pub (231 Peachtree Center Avenue NE). As it turns out, I’ll have a separate meeting (also at Gibney’s) at 4:30pm, and so when I get there, I will make sure they know the blogger crowd is coming, and I will also do so further in advance. To do that meaningfully, I need to know roughly how many people are coming. And so if you haven’t already done so, please indicate your intention to attend, and I’ll make a reservation – or if reservations are impossible, I’ll at least give them advance warning!

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  • Mike K.

    I plan to be there! And I won’t stare so intently at the menu for the next blogger’s get-together photo.

  • William Hart Brown

    I shall be attending.

  • Update: we will start the event from 5pm after all. I will update the post itself to reflect this. And as always people can come and go, so don’t think that if you cannot be there by 5 or 5:30 then that means you shouldn’t come at all. What has happened in most past years is that some bloggers have arrived at the very beginning and stayed for the duration, others could not stay very long, and still others could not be there from the beginning but came later, and on the whole, it has made for a lively and dynamic gathering.

  • It turns out that Gibney’s is closed on Sundays – oops! And so I’m proposing that we move the event to Meehans: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/11/aarsbl15-bloggers-gathering-change-of-venue.html