Bible School Primer for Governors

Bible School Primer for Governors November 18, 2015

Bible school primer for governors

I just saw the news that Indiana governor Mike Pence has begun turning away refugees. It would be shameful under any circumstances, but Pence pretends to be a defender of Christian values, which makes it all the more disgusting.

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  • It would be shameful under any circumstances,

    -So, open borders?

    • How did you get there? Indiana’s governor revokes an invitation already extended to refugees who are on their way, therefore if one thinks that is shameful, that person must think we should have no borders?

  • Good Samaritan. Place the water and food beside this poor man along the road, then move on to join the safety of the caravan. God will still bless you for your kindness as you use common sense to protect yourself from possible danger.

    • That is not how the parable goes. You know that, right?

      • Please teach me, Professor. I value your knowledge.

        • David Cohen

          Luke 10:25-37

    • charlesburchfield

      why are you so clueless? */:•0

  • Jon-Michael Ivey

    This reminds me of a sermon I heard at my parent’s church earlier this year.

    The pastor read the passage on the good Samaritan and then explained that loving thy neighbor means working towards justice in society. Then he took a strange turn. he explained that it is not just to make local bear the burden for caring for poor immigrants or refugees, so there is a moral duty for us to demand that the Federal government either stop the immigration of any poor persons into our area or else provide enough funds that they won’t cost us locals any money. He seemed to think it was a tragedy for any local land owners to have to pay property taxes to cover the costs of public school for anyone who was not born in America and fully part of our culture (despite never questioning the validity of using such mechanisms to fund services for persons like himself).

    He then went on to say that the Culture War is a matter of social justice, so we have a duty to petition the government in support of the “religious freedom acts” that protect the rights of Christians to discriminate against homosexuals.

    • markmatson

      I’m speechless at this logic.

      • Jon-Michael Ivey

        I don’t think “logic” is really the right word.

    • charlesburchfield

      *sharp intake of breath, jaw drops!* (|:•O

  • Ian

    I can’t decide whether conservatives (in the UK as well) are cowards, or whether this is a convenient excuse for their latent xenophobia.

    But certainly the rhetoric I’m getting is cowardly, both morally and physically.

    Accepting refugees provides another possible mechanism for foreign aggressors to enter the country, that seems to me to be undeniable. It is a dubious point whether, if refugees were barred, the same people would have no other routes (e.g. a tourist visa on a fake passport), or whether a foreign participant is required for an attack at all (c.f. London, Madrid, Boston, all but maybe one of Paris). But denying a theoretical risk seems pointless.

    These folks seem so terrified of living in a country with such a small increase in risk, that they are unable to bring themselves to act morally towards refugees. I have sympathy for cowards, I do, but the way in which they goad each other to even greater declarations of cowardice is embarrassing.

    I can’t help but think that they wouldn’t glory in such cowardice if it weren’t just a convenient fig-leaf for their bigotry. If you asked them ‘someone puts a gun to your head and tells you to deny Christ’, they’d probably tell you they would not – they’d be brave to do what is right by God even under mortal danger. Yet here, not a whiff of moral courage.