All It Takes Is One

All It Takes Is One November 18, 2015

Yesterday I came across quotes from Roslyn and Bob Cargill, and I thought they deserved to be shared with a wider audience. First here’s Roslyn:

Why is it when it comes to helping refugees in need, treating others as we would want to be treated, and loving our neighbors, conservative Christians scream out, “Yeah, but it only takes one. It only takes one nut job to blow us all away, so we got to keep out ALL refugees.”

And yet, when it comes to guns, and it only takes one nut job to blow us all away, the same argument doesn’t apply? When it comes to gun ownership, we still let everyone have a gun, even though it only takes one to cause tremendous damage. “But he’s just an anomaly, and everyone should still have a gun.”

So when it comes to helping our neighbors, we can’t help any of them because of that one potential nut job. But when it comes to arming the entire population, well that’s OK because it’s just one nut job and those are the risks freedom and prosperity.

Such is the logic of far right wing Christianity.

For Bob’s, you can click through to read it on his blog. See also Eric Reitan’s post about the Good Samaritan and how Christians respond to refugees.

Roslyn Cargill quote

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I just read this morning someone using that very logic.

    “If you had 5000 in your yard who needed refuge, and you knew one of them wanted to kill your family, how many of that 5000 would you let in?”

    • If you have a yard that would fit 5,000 people, you can afford a metal detector and few more security guards.

    • Andrew Dowling

      By that logic a person should never go out in public and stay locked up in their basement their entire life.

      • Phil Ledgerwood

        By that logic, no one should be allowed to buy a gun. But you don’t hear the same people who want to close our borders arguing for stricter gun control for some reason.

  • This poses an interesting question: aren’t automatic weapons illegal in France?

  • Mrs Cargill, you call these refugees, “our neighbors.” Do they really share our same Christian values? Are not the majority, Muslim’s who may practice Sharia law?
    As a conservative Christian, Mrs Cargill, I am concerned about you and your family’s safety. I personally had a friend from high school who stopped one night to help a person in need, and was killed while being a good Samaritan. Do you invite strangers to come into your home? Don’t you want to know all you can about your “neighbors,” before you open your doors to them? Or do you invite all to come into your home without considering that their motives may not be so wholesome? All it takes is one bad guy to wreck your life forever. Give that some rational thought please. While governors around this nation speak out to protect the lives of all Americans, you have time to contemplate this.

    • Sorry, but you simply cannot pretend to be a Christian, conservative or otherwise, and write a comment like this. No one in the story of the Good Samaritan had “Christian values.” But Jews and Samaritans had a history of terrorist attacks against one another, and also shared values from the Pentateuch which have also become part of Christianity and Islam.

      • When I write “Samaritan” I am using the idiom of the word, not directly referring to the heretical people from the bible. But appreciate hearing more about Christian values from the liberal side of the debate.

    • Clearly, when Jesus explained who your neighbor is, the point sailed right over your head.

      • Tell me, were these the same neighbors that condemned, ended his ministry on earth and crucified Him? If so, then you may have to lock your doors this evening.

        • Actually, yes they were. Which is why he asked God to forgive them from the cross. One of the foremost of Jesus’ followers, the apostle Paul, was a self-described persecutor of Christians first.

          It’s amazing to me that Christians somehow think that Jesus would promote turning away thousands of suffering people for fear that a few might be murderers.

          • What amazes me Beau, are Christians who think that Jesus would allow, Islamic Jihad to come to America (and Israel) without placing obstacles to keep it from destroying western civilization. Death to America. Death the Israel.

          • If you substituted the Roman Empire for Islamic Jihad (a very different sort of entity, on the one hand, but on the other a much more serious threat to the ongoing existence of any kind of united, independent Israel), would your assertion fit the historical figure of Jesus or not?

          • Well, didn’t the historical Jesus die before Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans some decades after his resurrection? While he was alive, the Romans kept their peace with the Jews. I am correct?

          • “Kept their peace” is often what imperial powers say, at precisely those points at which those conquered and ruled over by them would use different words. Are you seriously suggesting that the era of Roman rule was delightful for the inhabitants of regions incorporated into the empire, and it was entirely the ‘unprovoked’ Jewish rebellion against their Roman overlords that was the cause of all the trouble?!

          • Again, parsing my words to confuse the heck out of me. My post refers to Jesus in his ministry, not promoting rebellion against authority, but instead ‘keeping the peace’ by offering brotherhood, compassion and love among the enemies of peace. Would you disagree that Jesus ‘threw obstacles’ against Satan during his time on earth? Why can’t we do the same to keep Islamic Jihad from coming into this country?

          • Just as Jesus rejected the view that the Romans are the forces of Satan while the Jews are always on God’s side no matter what, indicating instead that the line between good and evil runs through every human being rather than along the borders of a nation or a religion, I believe that Jesus would reject your assumption that you are entirely good and Islam entirely evil. I believe that he would tell his followers to welcome even Roman, Samaritan, and Canaanite refugees.

          • Thank you, Professor. I truly can’t argue with what you said, but can we insert “peace loving” before Romans, Samaritans and Canaanite refugees? If we can verify this, then I would certainly welcome them as you would.

          • Hey you can put up all the walls you like, blockade the refugees to save yourself. I don’t know how you can imagine that would be Jesus’ behavior. The jihadism found in France pales to the number of murders perpetrated by our own gun-totin citizens. No one’s suggesting that we not monitor refugees, and have limits. But closing our doors and turning away all these victims would frankly be immoral.

        • Andrew Dowling

          Wow, the whole point of the crucifixion narrative really sails over your head doesn’t it . . .

          • It does? Please enlighten me.