X Files 10.2: “Founder’s Mutation”

X Files 10.2: “Founder’s Mutation” January 27, 2016

The second episode in the new X-Files series is sort of X-Files meets X-Men. On the one hand, it had a very strong feel of the classic “monster of the week” kind of episode, while on the other, the specific case was clearly connected to the new theme that abductions and impregnations are the work of the government rather than aliens.

For those interested in the intersection of religion and science fiction, there were a number of very interesting moments. The conversation between Scully and Sister Mary at the Catholic hospital is one, where there is reference to Dr. Goldman being a “blessing” (as well as mention of the “devil’s pitchfork”). The whole episode, indeed, is about women becoming pregnant with remarkable children, in a manner that both echoes and contrasts with stories like those about Jesus and other important heroes and religious figures of the distant past.

So too with the discussion of Molly Goldman’s discovery that her daughter could breathe under water. She says that the other mothers viewed her daughter’s survival after falling into the pool a “miracle,” while she knew that the truth was that her husband had experimented on their own child, manipulating her DNA.

There are also interesting sequences in which both Scully and Mulder think about their own son William, who was hidden away for his own protection. As Scully imagines his life over the past 15 years, we see her clutching the cross that she wears around her neck.

It was also interesting to note the inclusion of characters who were gay and who felt the need nonetheless to be secretive. Although this X-Files miniseries is updated to connect with conservative conspiracy theorists, it is not missing opportunities to challenge that constituency as well, it would seem.

What did you think of this second of the new X-Files episodes?

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