Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day! February 12, 2016

Happy Darwin Day! Thank you to Biologos for sharing the above video on the evidence for evolution.

And don’t forget to celebrate Evolution Weekend in your religious community! If you need some inspiration, click through for a Darwin Day/Evolution Weekend reflection from Grace Unlimited, the Lutheran-Episcopal campus ministry organization at Butler University.


The image above comes from Pliny the In-Between’s blog.

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  • John MacDonald

    It’s interesting that scientists haven’t been able to replicate their ground hypothesis of organic life originating from inorganic materials and natural processes.

    • arcseconds

      is it really that interesting that a process that was supposed to have taken millions of years and the entire ocean as a laboratory hasn’t been replicated in test tubes in a few decades?

      • John MacDonald

        I would think that if organic life could arise out of inorganic materials that there would be a universally agreed upon model of how that could happen.

        • arcseconds

          Why would you think such a thing?

          Are scientists capable of determining every single physical phenomenon, no matter how complex, and no matter how remote in time, and no matter how little direct data they have, in your opinion?

      • John MacDonald

        I also find it interesting that cosmologists posit space and time began with the Big Bang, but cannot answer whether the material that made up the Big Bang was eternal, or came into being at some point.