Problem Solved

Problem Solved April 27, 2016

Sometimes science does indeed offer a clear answer to a supposedly insoluble problem…


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God as Parent
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God as Parent
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God as Parent
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God as Parent

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  • I agree science is enlightening and can make us better Christians.

    Our Christian way of life does not mean we have to leave our
    intellect or have a dogmatic grasp of truth that is disregarded and overlooked
    by the young and anyone with intelligence. We only need to integrate our
    Christian traditions with smart, scientific understanding, spiritual
    discernment and the all-inclusive, all-embracing Christian wisdom that is open
    to new ways of thinking that direct us beyond the mind. We need to keep the
    simple Christian truth of the Divinity within, but allow it to emerge up and
    outward as individuals embody and represent it in a higher revelation instead
    of being loyal to rigid policies, rules and sets of law. We can be open to the
    Divinity within including the untold insights and piercing interpretations that
    steer us towards unity. The silence of the soul speaks clearly about everything
    in a positive way that only the individual understands, but it depends on our
    mind if we accept the present moment and the love that brings joy, peace and

  • Uncle Dave

    Nice, but that just moves the question to “Which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg?” ;^) (and for the record I’m still going with the egg)