Can Catholics Be Vegans?

Can Catholics Be Vegans? June 29, 2016

Bizarro Body of Christ Vegan Tofu

The Bizarro cartoon poses an interesting question for Catholic vegans and vegetarians who claim to believe in transubstantiation. Is communion an exception to eating no flesh?

HT Hemant Mehta

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  • John MacDonald

    Since there are microscopic organisms on and in the plants we eat, honest Vegans are pretty much out of luck.

  • It’s quite common for wine to contain animal products such as isinglass or gelatine so I suspect that vegan catholics have less theological issues with taking part in communion.

    When I was vegan I used to carry around a little card that had a list of all the vegan wines and beers sold in Britain so I knew what I could and couldn’t drink. Luckily for 18 year old me, Carlsberg special brew was fine…

  • How about Messianic Judaism – are they allowed to drink the blood of Christ? Is that kosher?

    • Messianic Jews tend not to adhere to the Catholic doctrine of Transsubstantiation.

      • Darn – it would have made another good cartoon conundrum …