Eating in Rome: Il Falchetto

Eating in Rome: Il Falchetto July 21, 2016

Before traveling to Italy for the first time this summer, I sought recommendations about places to visit and even more so places to eat in Rome. The one specific restaurant that a colleague recommended was Il Falchetto. Its location is such that you probably wouldn’t just happen across it. And that is a good thing, because most of the places on the main thoroughfares are very busy. At Il Falchetto, on the other hand, it was just down a side street and a little quieter, a place that I think attracts more locals than tourists. And it was the first of several places where someone with an accordion showed up and made it really feel like what one imagines Italy ought to feel like…


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  • John MacDonald

    My favorite meal, one that I get every birthday, is a half pound of garlic shrimp with cocktail sauce, fries, garlic bread with cheese, and garlic mussels. Afterwards, vampires won’t come within 20 feet of me!