Ham vs. Nye, Moses, and Jesus

Ham vs. Nye, Moses, and Jesus July 3, 2016

Tyler Franke has offered a comical cartoon version of a debate between Ken Ham, Bill Nye, Moses, and Jesus. Below is a sample. Click through for more.


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  • arcseconds

    Tyler apparently thinks the debate was an embarrassment to all.

    I actually think Nye came across really well, although there were one or two small points where Ham’s position was quite predictable and Nye could have had a much better prepared result.

    I seem to recall there was some evidence (polls, maybe?) that he even went over fairly well with some of Ham’s side of the crowd.

    I’m a bit sceptical about debates as the best vehicle for this (they can easily lead to the notion that winning the debate (presumably meaning impressing either the audience or some judge) means the position is thereby proven), but I am quite sure that the arguments of cranks and denialists need to be addressed, not ignored.