Apocalypse and Authenticity Conference

Apocalypse and Authenticity Conference September 28, 2016

There’s going to be a conference about apocalypse in popular culture at the University of Hull next summer. Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati and Robert Geraci will be the keynote speakers. Here’s the call for papers:

The aim of this conference is to explore the themes of the apocalypse and authenticity – either separately or jointly – in popular culture, their theological and religious roots, as well as their socio-cultural, political, and economic relevance. We welcome submissions that explore a broad range of topics on the conference themes both from scholars from various disciplines and from practitioners working in media or faith communities.

In particular, but not limited to, we are interested in papers on:

  • apocalyptic film and TV
  • apocalyptic cities, city planning and city regeneration and the apocalypse
  • the apocalyptic state; state institutions, authenticity, and the apocalypse
  • contemporary religious apocalyptic narratives (including fiction, and other literary forms)
  • religious (scriptural) meanings of the apocalypse and contemporary interpretations
  • the apocalypse and terrorism
  • environmental apocalypses, political and popular imaginations
  • authentic living and eating
  • authentic and/or/vs real
  • authentic religion
  • literary authenticity
  • authenticity and social media
  • economic, political and ideological eras (and their end)
  • technology and the end of the world
  • authenticity and a renewed enchantment of the world
  • the apocalypse and authenticity from a non-western, non-Christian perspective
  • graphic novels
  • (popular) music, the authentic, and the apocalyptic

Creative and Artistic Contributions

We also encourage the submission of creative and experimental contributions or artwork (e.g. short films, photography, videogames, etc) in spirit with Hull – UK City of Culture 2017. If you do so, please include a brief summary of space/facility requirements your contribution might need.

Deadline and Submission

The deadline for all submissions is 1 December 2016. Please submit your 250 word proposal for a 20 min paper, including your name, institutional affiliation, and short bio, to apocalypse@hull.ac.uk.

Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network

This conference is part of the bi-annual conference series of the international Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network. For more information about the Network or to join the Network mailing list please visit the Network website.


For any queries, please contact us at apocalypse@hull.ac.uk.

Organizing Committee

Alexander D. Ornella                       Paul Dearey

Senior Lecturer in Religion                   Lecturer in Religion

Click through for more information. Of related interest, check out this new book, Apocalypses in Context: Apocalyptic Currents Through History.

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