Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Perspectives from Science and Science Fiction

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Perspectives from Science and Science Fiction October 12, 2016

This election has witnessed a lot of firsts. Most recent, as of my writing this, is that the Clergy Letter Project has endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time. You won’t be surprised that the candidate in question is Hillary Clinton. I gather than Donald Trump did not respond to their questionnaire, but Hillary Clinton did. Here’s a sample from her answers:

Do you believe science is a threat to your faith?

I had the great blessing to be raised by a family and a church that instilled in me a deep faith that was meant to be lived in service to others. As a small child, I learned the Wesleyan credo of our Methodist church: “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.” America’s founders had faith in reason and they also had faith in God, and one of our gifts from God is the ability to reason. So science is no threat to faith. The Epistle of James tells us we cannot just be “hearers” of the word, we must be “doers.” Science helps us be doers. Science shows us how to understand more deeply the profound mysteries of our universe and the glory of God’s earth.

Click through to read more of her answers, specifically about evolution and climate change. And here’s a link to the Clergy Letter Project press release.

That’s on the science side. On the sci-fi side, I came across this meme and thought it was worth sharing:

Crooked Leia

"I'll wait until they get the revival part worked out."

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