Press Release about Theology and Science Fiction

Press Release about Theology and Science Fiction October 8, 2016

I recently spoke to Marc Allan, our university press liaison, about my latest book, Theology and Science Fiction. Click through to read the press release that he wrote.

Professor McGrath Finds the Intersection of Theology and Science Fiction

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  • This book is chock-full of quotable gems which for decades in books to come, will grow in celebrity the professor’s name. I have to quote the book here as the author never refers directly to the STAR TREK, “Prime Directive,” but I believe improves on it through a theological perspective, to show the weaknesses inherent in that pre-Warp civilization, non-interference philosophy. It would make a nice ‘question for reflection’ in a classroom. The quote I take from Chapter 5: At the Intersection with Philosophy and Ethics.

    “The issues of colonialism are relevant not just to the rights of organisms, but also to the new worlds we discover and explore. Should we have the right to lay claim to worlds, provided they do not have sentient beings living on them currently? Or would it be immoral to do so because sentient beings might one day evolve from the living things on the planet in question?”

    I’ve read the book twice and I’m blown away by it. So much is said in so few of words. It’s real genius at work here!

    • Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! I’m glad you’ve been having such a positive experience. Thanks for sharing so that others can hear your recommendation!

      • If you would like me to add/delete/improve anything pertaining to my review of the book on Amazon, I’ll be to happy to change it. I’ve enjoyed all of your books, but this one really did something for me. My life and career has been all about science fiction and once I entered into my 50s, God brought me here to learn about religion. This book is the icing on the cake. It’s a magnificent effort! Thank you!!