Singing Psalm 53 as the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

Singing Psalm 53 as the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer October 9, 2016

This is labeled on YouTube as a sung version of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. But it is elsewhere labeled as Psalm 53 in Syriac, sung in Georgia, for Pope Francis!

It is beautiful either way, but this illustrates nicely the problems that arise when people start discussing texts in languages they don’t understand. Not knowing Aramaic is excusable. Making claims about it despite that fact is not.

I’m glad that, if you Google “Aramaic Lord’s Prayer,” some of the results actually have something to do with the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer. But just as many, perhaps more, do not. So how is someone who doesn’t know Aramaic to figure this out?

It is a simple matter of information literacy. If you limit the sites you give credence to, to those created by people who have relevant lingustic expertise, you won’t be misled.
Having said that, please do enjoy this music – even if you don’t understand the words!

See further my blog post from several years ago, The “Original Aramaic Lord’s Prayer” is None of the Above.

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