Blogging from a Phone

Blogging from a Phone November 14, 2016

It seems that one can increasingly do crucial tasks with smaller and smaller mobile devices. It used to be challenging to blog from an iPad. Now one can do so easily from one’s phone. This post is a test of that, as I try to decide what devices I need with me at the upcoming AAR/SBL annual meeting.

There are still some tasks that are easier on larger devices, such as note taking. But which ones do you find simply don’t work on a phone? And how long do you think it will be before that changes?

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  • David Evans

    I struggle with the on-screen keyboard on my phone (Moto G, 5 inch screen). I think anything that size would not really suit me for blogging, and anything much bigger is too big for the pocket I like to keep my phone in. This could change if speech recognition becomes good enough for dictation. Web browsing is difficult on some sites, as is online banking. Surprisingly, reading books with the Kindle app is quite tolerable.