BREAKING NEWS: 7 Earth-Sized Planets in Trappist-1 System, 3 in Habitable Zone!

BREAKING NEWS: 7 Earth-Sized Planets in Trappist-1 System, 3 in Habitable Zone! February 22, 2017

NASA just announced that, using the Spitzer Telescope, they have detected a total of seven earth-like planets orbiting the star Trappist-1, and three of them lie in the habitable zone in which liquid water can exist. We can be sure that this system is going to be getting a lot of research attention in coming years. Located 40 light years away, I imagine that we’ll also try to send a probe in that direction as soon as possible, too.


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  • histrogeek

    Sure there are three habitable planets in the Trappist system, but they won’t say anything except mumble psalms.

  • Kerry Burgess

    “God” debunked.

    Now all those people with their False Hope have learned something new about the Universe.

    What did Cavemen know about truth in the sky above? Nothing.

    • What on earth are you talking about?

      • Kerry Burgess

        Not much of a thinker, are you. No offense.

        I’ve commented here because I found an image you posted of Trappist-1 and I wondered if you created an intelligent conversation on the topic.

        Me personally, I am documenting a code I have deciphered.

        I am always interested in any intelligent comments the Universe.

        • Kerry Burgess

          I haven’t read much of your blog. So I don’t know if you’re serious about that fairy-tale fiction that is known as the “Holy Bible”.

          A professor of religion, in my opinion, if you’re a person who really tries to believe that stuff, is an authority only in circular logic.

          Unlike a religious zealot, I am a person myself on a search for real truth. Not false hope. Not the kind of false hope one gets from the drug-addiction effects of some phony religion.

          I decided to try to communicate these notions to you because I have an objective mind.

          If you are an intellectually curious person then maybe you can spend a few minutes studying a couple selected posts from my blogs, referenced here, and try to answer the questions I have.

          What would you do? If you found yourself in a similar situation and had developed these facts about yourself then what would you do. Why would people go to so to such effort to create these observations I have made? I don’t know any of them. I have no knowledge of ever having any kind of association with the facts I published (other than from official documentation I have, as noted). Why would they do that?

          The observations I have made are relevant to these modern times. Here finally is some greater truth that is not created by the delusional ravings of cavemen. Your blog gives me the impression you claim to be an expert on interpreting the writings of cavemen. You tell me. What is the meaning of the details I have discovered. You seem to have an interest in space exploration so I would like to know if you know what this means.

          WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2016


          TUESDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2016


          • So you cannot be bothered to read my blog posts to find out what my viewpoint is, you jump to illogical conclusions because you don’t know what the academic study of the Bible at a secular university entails, you think that you are objective despite showing an unwillingness to inform yourself, and then ask me to read your blog posts?!

          • Kerry Burgess

            I don’t need to “inform” myself of your so-called viewpoint. I have heard it before.

            Needless to say, you haven’t heard my viewpoint. I think my viewpoint is relevant because you posted an image of Trappist-1.

          • Kerry Burgess

            As I said, I haven’t read much of your blog. What I have read so far made me wonder if your publication is in the mindset of a person who truly sees the fallacy of that so-called “Holy Bible”, a work of grand fiction.

            Along with reading about Trappist-1, I glimpsed a thread where you mention “Star Wars” so I wondered if maybe you are very good at interpreting other fiction as well.

            That’s why I asked for your input.

            “God” is just another ambitious invention of Man. Man invented The Wheel for same reasons. Weak bodies, weak minds.

  • David Evans

    I heard that these planets come so close to each other that we can detect the gravitational effect of one on the orbit of another, which means we can get a good idea of the masses. And probably, therefore, of their composition. I think we may end up knowing more about these planets than about any other planet outside our system.

    Does that mean the orbits might be too unstable for life to develop? I don’t know.