Elijah for In-Choir-Ing Minds

Elijah for In-Choir-Ing Minds February 22, 2017


Details in the image above about an upcoming event in Indianapolis, with discussion and some musical foretastes of the upcoming performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah. The work is fascinating for those interested in the intersection of the Bible and music, from its dramatic beginning with Elijah’s curse, to its ending which incorporates a range of scripture. Hope you can make it to both events, but at least one of them!

"Thanks for finding all the little nuances, some I recognized and some I didn't."

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  • Kerry Burgess

    I don’t know anything about you, Professor McGrath.

    I’ve read your profile. Your profile says: Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

    The internet is vague on the identity of “Clarence L. Goodwin”

    Butler University has a sparse page on Wikipedia devoted to Ovid Butler and his vague contributions to primitive America.

    So I’m listening to Mendelssohn and I am unimpressed either with the performers or with the composers, or both, but I suspect the former, and I am thinking about other posts you have made about music.

    I have not found, in these recent days, any comments on any subject and on specifically this subject by you that are even moderately insightful or interesting, to the most basic questions I have after reading your post and after listening to the music on this topic.

    You have made no comment that is distinctive in all the material I read daily on the internet.

    Why do I care?

    I wrote earlier that I am looking for an explanation to certain questions I have posed.

    You don’t have to read my entire blog.

    I just wondered if you had insight into specific questions of a narrow range.

    Well, anyway, as for the reason for this comment I make.

    What I suspect is a scam. Intentionally or not, I suspect that the uninspired try to hijack the work of true artists in order to abscond credibility for themselves. They are incapable of generating interest in their own work so they hijack the notable work of true artist and try to associate that real artistry with their own dull words to the audience they are trying to scam, a confidence scam. You didn’t personally know Mendelssohn and neither did I.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Just my personal opinion.