The Book of Job Explained for Today’s Reader

The Book of Job Explained for Today’s Reader February 21, 2017

I love this analogy. Certainly Facebook is the place in our time where one’s so-called friends aggrivate a person’s suffering by commenting on it at length in “conversations” that are in fact more like independent monologues, or indeed diatribes.

Perhaps it would be a useful activity to try to paraphrase the Book of Job into a Facebook format? Is that something that a professor should do, or would it work better as a student project?

What do you think of the analogy?

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  • bobyount

    A group of students should do it as a collaborative project with the professor as mentor/editor

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I so want to do this.

  • charlesburchfield

    If I was job, From the git, I would want to unfriend Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar!!