Gamification in Higher Education (Including Canon: The Card Game) at Gen Con 2017

Gamification in Higher Education (Including Canon: The Card Game) at Gen Con 2017 May 8, 2017

I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting at Gen Con’s Trade Day for the first time this year, together with two of my colleagues. We have a two hour session planned, the first half of which will be presentations and discussions about our experience with gamification at a variety of levels in our work as university educators, from individual classroom activities to entire syllabuses. The second hour we will play Canon: The Card Game!

More information will follow, but for now I just wanted to share this exciting news – and find out how many of my blog readers will be at Gen Con this year, and perhaps even at Trade Day. If you plan to be, let me know.

Here is the official information thus far, including the provisional time slot and location:

Gaming Group / Company: Butler University
Title: Gamification in Higher Education
Short Description:
Two professors and a librarian from Butler University will offer concrete practical examples of gamified university-level activities, assignments, and more.
Long Description:
Dr. James F. McGrath, Dr. Jason Goldsmith, and Franny Gaede (two professors and a librarian) from Butler University will take you through a brief overview of gamification in higher education, followed by concrete practical examples of activities, assignments, and more. Will provide an opportunity to participate in the demonstration of a card game developed by one of the professors, as well as explanation and demonstration of how to use a print-on-demand site like Gamecrafter to make precisely the materials you need for the educational games that best serve your purposes.

Location: JW Marriott 311

Time: Wednesday August 16th (Trade Day) 10am-12pm


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