Afterlife Dream

Afterlife Dream November 29, 2017

On the night of November 24th-25th I had what may well be the strangest dream I have ever had. I wanted to write it down so that I remember the details – even though I am sure that some key things had already faded with my waking.

Photo of Corvin Castle by Giuseppe Milo.
Photo of Corvin Castle by Giuseppe Milo.

The background to the dream is that I was dead, already at the start of the dream, apparently. My wife and I both were in our home, although it included elements of my childhood home in its internal layout. I vaguely recall someone telling us that we were dead. Looking out from the house, there was an idyllic forest landscape dotted with citadels at periodic intervals, reminiscent of Biertan or Corvin Castle in Romania. (Clearly I have been thinking too much about these places, and looking at too many photos of them, in recent months!) It was apparent that our own home had transformed itself into a citadel in a similar fashion. Apparently in this version of heaven, one spends eternity in the comfortable surroundings of home turned into a castle.

I remember during the dream feeling that the experience was completely immersive and real. I was initially extremely skeptical that the best explanation for what I was experiencing was that we were dead and that this was the afterlife.

Since I was not sure how I had died, I became very anxious that my department chair might not be aware of my demise. And since the next semester I was due to teach “Heresy” (a class that none of my colleagues was likely to want to cover), I became concerned to get word to my workplace – not to let them know that there is an afterlife and what it was like, but simply to ensure that they knew I had died and could make appropriate arrangements for my classes to be covered.

The streets of heaven were a mixture of mud and smooth stones, pleasant to walk on barefoot. As I wandered around, I saw that there were Catholic priests with special connections and privileges, including one having a satelite phone that could potentially allow me to get word to colleagues about the situation. I was not sure whether I was successful in sending my message in the dream – I was pretty sure that I had not been. The priest whose car it was had come back, found me using the phone (which was docked into the back of his hatchback on the outside), and clearly frowned on what I had tried to do – although in a fairly pleasant manner. This was heaven, after all…

I am certain that there was more to this dream, but as so often happens with dreams, many details were already disappearing irretrievably into the mist that separates our dream lives from our waking state even before I had a chance to try to cling to them and pull them into my conscious memory.

What is the strangest dream that you have had? Have any blog readers ever had a dream in which they were dead and in an afterlife?

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  • Emyth

    Well…It’s all about Ultimate Values…No?

    Heaven is where your Heart is…and Dreams can come from that Heart…No?

    Your Dream about Your Heaven is about Your Ultimate Values…Yes?

    Dreams strong enough that we remember them after waking are a Gift…a message from our deepest selves…

    What is Your Dream Vocabulary? What are the parts/pieces of your Dream? How do they fit? How does it Move…

    Enjoy and appreciate the Gift, lest it go away if you ignore it!

  • arcseconds

    That was very thoughtful of you, calling out from beyond the grave to arrange for your classes to be covered 🙂

    • Chuck Johnson

      That was his progressivism talking.
      A fundamentalist might decide “Screw everybody else, this is my perfect afterlife as promised!”
      The frowning priest showed some of that small-mindedness.
      But progressivism requires working towards benefiting others, and making this a better world.

  • CDMan

    I have had several dreams such as the one you described. My dreams of the afterlife began when I was dealing with the death of a family friend when I was young. The first dream began on my neighborhood street. I was dead and others who were dead greeted me and guided me to the local parsonage where our minister lived. I recall at the the time thinking it was strange to head to such a place after death. I stayed there and spoke with others who had died.

    A great many dreams after that were about Jesus returning. They were recurring dreams. I wasn’t dead, each dream I was just witnessing the return of Christ. I recall it being very beautiful and frightening at the same time. It also had a great amount of Egyptian symbolism in those dreams. Very strange indeed.

    Similar to your dream, my have always been vivid, filled with detail, and with a long story arc. I could go on and on about them. O what the brain does when we sleep. Each night we die and each day we are born again.


  • I’ve been having this recurring Daydream for over 10 years or more. It involves a fork in the road that leads either to the left where I will connect up with a road that leads to a mountain town. If I take the fork to the right it leads to a path beside a river.

  • Gary

    Perhaps this dream was not heaven, but an expression of current times. Patriot is a defensive system for threats from outside, just like a citadel. Your dream may be an expression of anxiety over current events. Hopefully not an expression of being dead. Maybe premonition of the Romanian Patriot deal.

    “Looking out from the house, there was an idyllic forest landscape dotted with citadels at periodic intervals, reminiscent of Biertan or Corvin Castle in Romania. (Clearly I have been thinking too much about these places, and looking at too many photos of them, in recent months!) It was apparent that our own home had transformed itself into a citadel in a similar fashion.”

    Romania in NATO:

  • AWRM

    Yup. It was not like any dream I ever had before or since. It happened in the early 90’s I think.
    When I woke up, it took me a few minutes to determine whether or not it was real or not. Aside from the fact that it was about going to heaven, it was way more vivid and detailed than anything I had ever experienced. It was early in the morning and I wrote everything down from about 6 am to about 9 am. I was staying at somebody’s house with my wife and I sat at the kitchen table madly writing it all down while they had breakfast without me… thinking that I had lost my mind.
    It bowled me over and has been a encouragement and motivator in my life. I’m not one that is keen on seeking miracles and searching for divine “magic tricks” to bolster my faith. I look upon such pursuits as a sign of an insecure faith which is, I recognize, a bit snooty and out of balance. So, for me, I found it embarrassing to tell people about it but I had assumed that that was what I was supposed to do. It had some elements in it that were unusual and not at all politically correct in the context of how many of my Christian friends were thinking… or myself for that matter. (Anita Bryant was the Moral Crusader at the time, if you remember her, and she would not have approved). When people heard about it, their reactions seemed a bit off to me and after a few days of awkward conversations, I started to sense that the experience was meant just for me and I have told few people the details ever since.
    All I will say is that I think heaven might be different for different people… but in the place I found myself, there wasn’t a speck of malice in me or in others. (I remember seeing people there that I thought shouldn’t be there and I was genuinely thrilled to be wrong about them.) More than anything to me… it was familiar – nothing scary or intimidating. It was friendly, full of laughter, welcoming and it was utterly, and completely, “home”.

  • John MacDonald

    I’m wary of “Dream Interpretations” of my own dreams. My interpretations can be Freudian, or Jungian, or whatever, but generally speaking dreams are often ambiguous, and so multiple interpretations are possible. Many texts are ambiguous in this way.

    • John MacDonald

      I wonder how many of the stories we have about Jesus in the New Testament originally started out as dreams or visions about Jesus?

  • Chuck Johnson

    My crazy dream began with a gun battle so intense that it was ripping apart the building that the bad guys were shooting from.
    The brick building was getting ready to collapse. Of course, I was surprised at a battle so intense.
    Then, the director yelled “Cut !” and I realized that I was watching a movie scene being filmed.
    I walked away.
    Next, I encountered a flying saucer parked at the curb.
    When I went in, the interior was much larger than the exterior would have suggested.
    It was a very large room with many old-fashioned arcade games.
    The pinball machine that I chose had a Fu Manchu type of guy on the back of the game. He was wearing a colorful mandarin-type outfit.
    He was standing, but down on the ground was a gorgeous Oriental babe clinging to his leg like on the cover of a cheap romance novel.
    I tried the pinball game.
    I pulled back the plunger, released it, and as the ball rolled forward, I started walking forward, too.
    I continued walking forward past the pinball game, and I continued walking right through the wall behind it !
    I had dissolved through the wall, and I was walking down a dimly lit back alley.
    I had been transformed into the Fu Manchu character in the colorful silk outfit.
    I said out loud “Dat’s a one a fucked up pinball game !”
    With that, the situation seemed so hilarious that I immediately woke up.
    I found myself on the living room couch.

  • summers-lad

    When I meet you in eternity, can I attend your heresy class?