Jesus, Jericho, and Judaism: Free Documentaries and Lectures!

Jesus, Jericho, and Judaism: Free Documentaries and Lectures! September 24, 2018

About a year ago, Mark Goodacre shared that the classic documentary “Who Was Jesus?” is freely available online. I’m embedding the videos below, but do also recommend taking a look at Mark’s post to get a sense of what he appreciates about the documentary and his perspective on it.

Charles Jones shared a couple of videos about famous excavations at Jericho:

Carl Rasmussen also shared the above videos, together with some additional photos from Jericho. Brill shared a video about purported new Dead Sea Scrolls and questions about authenticity. And Biblical Studies Online shared lectures by John Rogerson about the Kingdom of God and Poet Prophets of the Old Testament, lectures by Hindy Najman on “Overcoming Destruction in Ancient Judaism” and “Philosemitism and Antisemitism in Biblical Criticism,” plus videos of papers from recent conferences on priests and priesthood in the Near East and the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is also a trailer for a MOOC to be released in December about biblical archeology.

Finally, let me recommend the Classical Ideas Podcast – check out this episode with Dr. Carrie Duncan talking about archaeology in the Holy Land:

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