What Mythicism Claims

What Mythicism Claims November 19, 2018

See also this quote from an article in The Atlantic about “epiphanies” (of the sort that scholars have, but the religious overtones of the term raise other issues that might be worth reflecting on):

“Just because you have an epiphany doesn’t mean it’s going to be true,” says Gregory Feist. “That’s the starting point of science, that great insight. It’s not the end.”

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  • Must admit, I spent a second or two trying figure out which Doctor first encountered the Xians.

    I guess twitter is sorta ripe for sacra nomina.

    • Erp

      I was thinking of Xi’an and trying to recall whether there is a similar dispute in Chines history. I do know there are in Indian history though that is more of the YECs in regards to the Vedas (admittedly I know very little about this).

    • The First Doctor, at least by the episode “The Romans” if not before…

  • David Evans

    Bringing the Britannica into it is weird. What proportion of the Britannica is devoted to saying that Jesus was a real person? Britannica is full of undisputed and useful facts which can believed be independently of one’s religion. That’s why people buy it.
    Now if he had said “that makes Mere Christianity into “flat-earth propaganda”” it would have made more sense.

    • I don’t understand your meaning. These are two atheists discussing the historical figure of Jesus, and the one who is a history-denialist responding to being compared to a flat-earther by saying, “no, you are.” How on this round earth would a reference to C.S. Lewis be more apropos than the Encyclopedia?

      • David Evans

        Because Jesus as a historical figure is essential to the C. S. Lewis book. It is peripheral to the Encyclopedia.

        • You still seem to be missing the point. Britannica is a summary of the state of our knowledge as informed by the consensus of experts in a given field. Mere Christianity is not.

  • John MacDonald

    This is kind of fun: Simon Gathercole has published a new peer reviewed article challenging Jesus mythicism here: https://brill.com/view/journals/jshj/16/2-3/article-p183_183.xml . Carrier has posted a “reply” here: https://www.richardcarrier.info/archives/15086 . If anyone wants to practice “Carrier Style” in responding to a peer reviewed article that you disagree with, here is a model sentence starter from Carrier’s response: “What is indicative that Gathercole is running a scam here, and not being an honest scholar, is that …”