ReligionProf Podcast with Ankur Gupta: Sapientia ex Machina

ReligionProf Podcast with Ankur Gupta: Sapientia ex Machina January 2, 2019

In this episode, Ankur Gupta and I are back in the sound booth, and talking about way more than just driverless cars. Our project connects with so many different technologies that utilize or integrate some form of AI, that the challenge is knowing what to focus on next. Listen in as we brainstorm, reflect, and simply chat about these things together!

In this first part of what becomes another two-parter, our conversation starts with a look back on our experience of presenting at Starbase Indy, after which we move to a consideration of just how long human beings have been using machines of some sort in our ethical (and non-ethical) decision making.

Many books this past year have been relevant to this topic (and see Subtle Engine’s list of recommended reads on Christianity and technology). Also related in some way to this topic:

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