Dragons #CFP

Dragons #CFP July 9, 2019

Although I do more with science fiction than fantasy, I love the latter genre, and was an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons when I was younger. I still will, given half a chance. And so let me take this opportunity to share a call for papers about dragons, as well as a link to a blog post by Brandon Hawk about dragons in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure that anyone has ever put together a volume specifically about dragons and the biblical tradition. It could include Leviathan and the dragon from Revelation, but also in the background to Genesis through the Enuma Elish, and the way groups like Answers in Genesis try to use stories about dragons as part of their case for a young-earth. Sound like it would be an interesting theme to explore in a multifaceted and interdisciplinary sort of way?

Here are the links:

Dragons in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew


Also of possible interest:


Let me also include here the post on Think Christian about the theology of role playing games. Since those include Dungeons and Dragons I have no qualms whatsoever about the relevance of that post to this one…


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  • We should get an online game going.

    • John MacDonald

      I’ll be the mage!

    • John MacDonald
      • Ah yes, the standard D&D trope. “You are all gathered at the Inn of the Red Dragon, a group of new adventurers ready to make a name for yourselves. Bruno the dwarven cleric of St. Cuthbert, sent from the temple on his first mission. Allyria, the fledgling elven druid entering civilization for the first time. And Xycarthranaxus the Dracolich.”

        • Oh, it would be so much fun to play D&D with readers of my blog!!!

        • John MacDonald

          A Dracolich mascot/pet can be helpful for a novice party because they are very powerful and come with a legion of minions. You have to be a little careful, though, since even a friendly Dracolich has a 1/4 chance of eating your soul every turn, and of course the day to day stuff like over time they might Level-Up into an Arch-Fiend, in which case an apocalypse might follow.

          • Hmm, yes, I can see those clear advantages.

            Maybe you could be a 1st level Dragonborn Wizard with a life goal of becoming a Dracolich! I think that’d actually be pretty great, waxing rhapsodic about your frame being supported by negative planar energy, someday.

          • John MacDonald

            The key for a novice party in getting a Dracolich to be its pet or mascot is to go up to the monster’s cave or castle, and ask to borrow its phylactery that it keeps its soul in. Then, you threaten to destroy the phylactery, and the Dracolich will do whatever you want it to.