Rutter’s Requiem in Spirit and Place 2019

Rutter’s Requiem in Spirit and Place 2019 September 9, 2019

I will be involved in this year’s Spirit and Place festival, which always has lots of interesting and meaningful things happening around Indianapolis, and yet which I’ve not tended to be directly involved with in the past for some reason. What am I doing exactly? Talking about composer John Rutter’s Requiem. Here is the blurb from the website:

Explore how art and music can help heal the soul through a performance of John Rutter’s Requiem, a visual art show, and a discussion panel. 

Healing is a process of evolving … of being restored, turned around, and changed. This event and exhibit explore how the arts, in partnership with the human spirit, can aid in the healing process.

Featured artwork, which includes photography and other media, focuses on themes of grief, loss, and healing. The exhibition is open during the weekend with an artist open house on Sunday, Nov. 3 from 1—2pm. Following the open house, the public is invited to participate in a panel discussion focusing on the healing force of music and art during times of grief. The discussion will conclude with choral performance of John Rutter’s Requiem – a requiem is mass for the repose of souls – which will be interspersed with stories and poetry. A reception will follow in the fellowship hall.

Free parking lot between St. Clair, Ft. Wayne, and Delaware Streets. Free street parking on Ft. Wayne, nearby business allow parking during their closed hours.

Walk-ins welcome. RSVPs encouraged by Nov. 2.

Don’t forget you can check out the exhibit during First Friday on Friday, Nov. 1 from 6—9pm!

Presented by Central Christian Church, Cumberland First Baptist Church, Allisonville Christian Church, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, and St. Peter UCC.

Of related interest, here is some other music and music-related links that I’ve been wanting to find an opportunity to mention on my blog, which I’ve come across as I’ve kept my eyes (and ears) peeled for music that is relevant to my course on the Bible and music:

First there are several that have to do with the music of Frank LaRocca. Music Spoke has a post about Frank LaRocca’s setting of “I Will Life Mine Eyes”. There was a piece about his Mass. And in addition, Frank LaRocca has a blog. Poking around that first site, Music Spoke also had posts about Joshua Himes’ Ave Maria, Erik Meyer’s St. John Passion, and Seven Last Words of the Unarmed (echoing the Seven Last Words of Christ) winning the American Prize.

You may also want to have a listen to Tomas Peire Serrate’s Confitebor Tibi Domine.

Anything about Hildegard of Bingen is relevant. And finally, a call for papers that connects with where this post began.


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