Narcegesis January 21, 2020

I don’t know how I missed coming across this term until now, but I’m so incredibly happy to have added it to my vocabulary. Sarahbeth Caplin referred to “narcegesis” in the context of her comments on Anne Graham Lotz’s remarks about Donald Trump’s removal of troops from Syria perhaps being connected to the “End Times.” She wrote:

Nothing in the Bible was written with 21st century America in mind. It was written for a specific set of people in very specific circumstances. (This is a form of interpretation often referred to as “narc-egesis”: putting oneself in the center of the text.)

I love that there is a phrase for this pervasive way that Americans in particular distort the Bible.

Anne Graham Lotz: God Had Trump Remove Troops from Syria Before the “Last Days”

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  • John MacDonald

    Is it “Narcegesis” with an “e,” emphasizing from the root word eisegesis, or “Narcigesis” with an “i” stressing the root word narcissus ? The latter seems more common in a cursory internet search …

    • The former seems a more natural spelling, but I wasn’t aware of the latter predominating online…

  • Topo Gigio writes this response to the hypothetical Earth with a dome.
    It doesn’t matter, Jesus is Lord of all. He is Christ Jesus, regardless of which planet, and of what universe.