Q Coup Take 2?

Q Coup Take 2? March 4, 2021

It didn’t seem appropriate to post about something else on a day when QAnon conspiracy theorists are claiming there will be (and thus helping to bring about) another attempt to overthrow American democracy. I am fairly certain that today will not make the downfall of the United States as we know it but will rather represent yet another failed prophecy of the QAnon movement. But it may be a day when there is turmoil and violence. Other things can wait until tomorrow.

On this topic or at least somewhat related to it:

U.S. Capitol police warn of plot. Extremists discussed plans to remove Democratic lawmakers. A Missouri man has been arrested in connection with death threats. Even a Texas Republican Representative says the threat is credible and Trump should tell his followers to “stand down.”

The House of Representatives was originally going to wrap up early amid the threat of violence. In the end they simply cancelled the day’s session.

Kayleigh McEnany said that Christ led her to defend Donald Trump

Christian Nationalist (and Former WV Official) Arrested for Role in Capitol Riot

The CPAC vocabulary. Defining terms.

Hitler, Trump, and the Golden Calf


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