The Past, Present, and Future of Christianity in Science Fiction

The Past, Present, and Future of Christianity in Science Fiction March 21, 2021

Here is the poster for a talk I will be giving in April:

Yes, that is the Red Angel from Star Trek: Discovery as depicted in the stained glass window of a church that was whisked away from Earth during World War III. In addition to so much science fiction in writing, longstanding television shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who as well as recent additions to the genre such as The Expanse and Devs engage not just with Christianity in general as a cultural phenomenon, but questions about its history. Science fiction offers unique resources for exploring this topic by means of time travel to the past, interplanetary and interdimensional travel to visit parallel Earths in our universe and whole parallel universes, and stories about the future that imagine what Christianity may look like in that context. Mark your calendars for April 15th and join me as I explore this topic!

You may also want to mark your calendars from now that starting on October 11th there will be a multi-day online conference dedicated to the exploration of Christianity and science fiction, the first of what is planned to be a series of annual conferences focused on Christianity’s intersection with and relationship to some particular form or stream of popular culture. There will be some really fantastic speakers reflecting a range of different approaches and areas of expertise.

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