Reminder: What Jesus Learned from Women Conversation!

Reminder: What Jesus Learned from Women Conversation! May 18, 2021

This is a reminder about the upcoming conversation about What Jesus Learned from Women. You can register for the webinar with Q&A via Facebook or Eventbrite. It will feature me together with three American Baptist ministers: the interim pastor of Crooked Creek Baptist Church (as well as long-time member of both the church and of my Sunday school class, Rev. Dr. Don Scott; another longtime member of both church and Sunday school class, Rev. Joy Amick; and our (retiring) area minister in the American Baptist Churches of Indiana and Kentucky, Rev. Soozi Whitten Ford. Let me emphasize once more that, while this is a conversation kindly hosted by my church and denomination, it is in no sense at all aimed exclusively or even primarily at that audience.

Are you going to be there? Please invite your friends! Whether you attend in person or not, I plan to have the event recorded and to share it afterwards. So let me know what you hope we’ll talk about, what questions you have, and I’ll see if I can address them in some way in the course of the conversation. If I don’t manage to in the webinar conversation, I promise that I will address them here at some point. So one way or another it is worth making your voice heard and asking that question about my book that you’ve been longing to. And if you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time!

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