Science, Technology, and Ethics Update

Science, Technology, and Ethics Update May 1, 2021

Time for another collection of articles and other links related to the intersection of technology, ethics, and religion.

I suppose the recent Tesla crash and whether any human was driving is the place to start.

Free article from Giulia Evolvi: “Religion, New Media, and Digital Culture”

Katharine Hayhoe on Evangelicals and climate change

Pure mathematics and writing come out of the same creative space

Covalence for April: Pseudoscience is not new, but it is still making news

In Our Hurry to Conquer Nature and Death, We Have Made a New Religion of Science

Microsoft’s recent military contract

French military uses robot dog

New York Police Department Deploys Robot Dog, then Decommissions Robot Dog After Backlash

What Skynet? People Trust Computers More Than Humans

Roger Penrose, Kate Devlin, Martin Rees, Nigel Shadbolt, Marta Halina & David Malone discuss the rise of artificial intelligence

“Responsible” AI

Why Computers Won’t Make Themselves Smarter

AI Makes Room For Innovation By Automating IT Tasks

David Brin on how AI will be used in the next decade

Scientists implant and then reverse false memories

The End of the Conflict Between Religion and Science

Life in the Post-Human Landscape

A Magisterium for Science

Extended reality learning

New Era of Ethical GM Crops?

Science: Neither a Big Box of Facts Nor a Big Cloud of Hot Air

Trust in corporate media

Can AI help slow future pandemics?

When Google Drive Goes Down

Using humor rather than scorn to fight science-denial

Doom Propheteering

Drone delivery: early reports of customer satisfaction

Will the crucible of virtual ministry transform the church or be put aside?

NASA’s search for life beyond Earth

Watching a planet grow

The quest to tell science from pseudoscience

Real-life planetary defense gamified

Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords

Can Anyone Explain This Pandemic-Fueled Christian Propaganda Film to Me?

Covid Vaccines and Exodus 23:1

Immersive Learning Takes Students Out Of the Classroom

A call to prayer

Why MRNA vaccines can’t change your genome

Prometheus’ Toolbox

Human-animal chimeras were in the news recently.

The terminology of “denier”

Brain wifi

I’m not worried about what to do if students start a Discord server for my class. I’m wondering why more faculty aren’t starting these themselves!

Exiting the echo chamber

Open Access: The case for not hiding our scientific and other research behind a paywall

Mathematical Dæmons

OPERAS-P: article on new Models of Scholarly writing

evidence vs spin

What monkeys can teach humans about resilience after disaster

On the risk of dumbing down science in seeking to convey its key conclusions to a wider audience

Growing plants in space

New NASA visualization probes the light-bending dance of binary black holes

NASA Webb Telescope to study young exoplanets

Discovering Eurybates’ Satellite

Somewhere out there: Corporate utopias of space and sea

Futureproof and the impact of technology on academia

On the need of academics to share their insights on social media

Ashley Lytle, Stevens Institute of Technology – In-Shoe Sensors and Robot Companions

Can the imaginary part of quantum mechanics be observed?

Evolution of the human brain

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