Virtual Sacred Masterworks, Jesus Rocks, Build Yourself An Ark, and Other Biblical Music

Virtual Sacred Masterworks, Jesus Rocks, Build Yourself An Ark, and Other Biblical Music May 25, 2021

If anyone is counting, this is apparently post #12,700 on my blog. Just thought I would mention that! Now on with today’s blog post…

The wonderful Indianapolis Symphonic Choir will be streaming a series of sacred choral works. Here’s the announcement:

Virtual Sacred Masterworks is a brand new digital concert release featuring 11 pre-recorded songs from members of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir!

This intimate digital concert experience presents 10 performances by small ensembles of singers and culminates with the debut of our latest virtual choir project.

A balance between familiar and new, Virtual Sacred Masterworks combines the traditions of classical composers, such as Mozart and Brahms, with thrilling works from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) composers, such as Rollo Dilworth and David Baker. The production will even feature music in English, Russian, Hebrew, and more!

Tickets will grant you unlimited streaming capabilities starting Thursday, June 3 and lasting through Friday, September 3. Enjoy the concert as many times as you’d like!

You can get tickets here. There will also be an In-Choir-ing Minds event (I love that pun) about the series that will be streamed on their YouTube channel.

Of related interest:

Del Case has a new website dedicated to his research into Jesus in popular music

Here is new music based on the Bible from David Sasso.

My voice to the Lord (Psalm 142)

You thought that I was one just like yourself (Psalm 50)

Commentary on Psalm 48

What does worship involve?

A question about Psalm 91 and a symbol from Revolutionary America:

Don’t Tread on Me!

Bob MacDonald responded to Marc Zvi Brettler on Psalm 116. He also wrote about the music of Lamentations. Also from Bob MacDonald: Psalms 14, 15, 1617, and 18, and a post on the “accents” or cantillation marks in the Hebrew Bible.

Questions in the Psalms : who asks, who answers?

The Lives and Times of Psalm 91

Bono on Ps. 82

And related to another topic I’m working on involving music, Durrell Bowman shared a conference paper on Rush’s “Hemispheres.” There are several other papers on interesting topics on the conference website, and so if you are a fan of progressive rock it is worth your time exploring it (and depending on your level of interest, keeping an eye out for next year’s conference as well).

Conference Paper – Rush’s “Hemispheres” – Progect 2021


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