Notre Dame Vita Institute: Educating Prolife Leadership

Notre Dame Vita Institute: Educating Prolife Leadership February 14, 2011

Just read about this at Mirror of Justice (HT: Rick Garnett):

Notre Dame Vita Institute

In furtherance of Project Guadalupe‘s goal to form the next generation of pro-life leadership through scholarship and service, the Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life is pleased to announce its inaugural Notre Dame Vita Institute to be held  June 12-24, 2011, administered under the auspices of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.

Held on the beautiful Notre Dame campus, the Vita Institute will educate participants in the fundamentals of human life issues at the highest academic level from the perspectives of biology, philosophy, theology, law, psychology, and other social science.   Through the instruction by and engagement with premier faculty, discussion with other Vita Institute participants, and introduction to community outreach programs, participants will be challenged intellectually and equipped to effectively engage the culture on beginning of life issues.  The Vita Institute seeks both to educate and to inspire its participants through instruction by noted experts in a strong community environment.


Applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and applications are welcome from those of any age or level of professional development.  Admission is open to those who are passionately committed to the protection of human life, particularly in its earliest stages.  While a distinctly Catholic program, the Vita Institute is open to persons of all faith traditions.  The application deadline has been extended to March 1, 2011, for the inaugural year. Click here for an application.

For more information about the Vita Institute or Project Guadalupe, please contact Angela Pfister at or 574.631.9656.

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