We Make The Road By Walking

We Make The Road By Walking June 10, 2014

Today is the day that my friend Brian McLaren’s newest book We Make The Road By Walking releases on Amazon and wherever books are sold. This new book is very different than anything Brian has written before in that it is not really a book at all. What Brian has created is a devotional/lectionary of sorts that goes through a year’s worth of scripture and offers his always fresh, well informed, life-giving insights on the text. It really is like a sermon from Brian on every major portion of the Bible from beginning to end. Except that you never feel as if Brian is preaching to you. Instead, you feel as if you are being led around these familiar passages with a seasoned guide who is revealing to you what has been there all along but you have never seen. Brian helps those of us who really struggle with some areas of the Scriptures and how they describe God, using a deeply Christ-o-centric hermenutic rooted in the Gospel to reimagine what is happening in the text. This book is absolutely stunning and I highly recommend it to all who find themselves in the place that many evangelicals do- between loving and honoring the word of God and yet feeling very uncomfortable with some of the theological implications of the traditional interpretation of the text. Brian’s insights are not that of an “unredeemed liberal, bent on demythologizing the text” as Tony Jones put it on his blog, but of a man who deeply honors the Scriptures, loves Christ, and seeks to help us understand what God is trying to speak to us through the Bible today.

Please, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of We Make The Road By Walking by Brian McLaren today. I absolutely promise that you will not be disappointed.

In the meantime, stay tuned for an interview with Brian about this book and a ton of other topics in the coming weeks.

Grace and Peace-


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