My faith has changed a lot over the past 10 years. It has taken me all around the theological and political/social spectrum. I have been very conservative and very liberal and seem to have found a temporary home in the space in between the two. But throughout my entire journey with all of its up's and down's, I have tried to remain rooted in a community of faith. I understood that even when I came to points where I disagreed with the majority view of my community, it was still essential to … [Read more...]

The Flames of Baltimore (A Call to Reconciliation)


Tonight, my hometown, Baltimore, Maryland, is on fire. Literally. Stores are burning to the ground. Cars are engulfed in flames in the street. But there are also many other kinds of fires burning in Baltimore tonight. There are flames of rage in the hearts of many who live in the margins of the city that have continually been subjected to discrimination and harm at the hands of those who have been commissioned to protect them. The flames of passion and grief has risen in the hearts of many … [Read more...]

Are LGBTQ Affirming Christians “False Teachers”?

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I believe that salvation is based on the work of Christ on the cross alone, and not on any works we can do or any theology we espouse. This is a key part of the Biblical Gospel. Anyone who confesses that “Jesus is Lord” and turns to walk in the way of His Kingdom is adopted in to the family of God now and for eternity. This is the power of God’s grace. That even after we submit our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we will still find ourselves wrestling with sin. That even after we are fille … [Read more...]

Why A Christian Can’t Support The Death Penalty


The more I study the life and teachings of Jesus, the more perplexed I become. Time and time again, it seems that those who claim to follow Jesus have adopted positions that are in direct contradiction to the words that our Lord preached during his ministry here on earth.One such issue is the death penalty, which is making headlines today as nearly 400 leading evangelical and catholic clergy released a statement calling for it's end.Their statement begins by saying:"As Christians p … [Read more...]

To The Point: The Facts About Indiana’s RFRA


The national debate surrounding Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act is enough to disorient even the most experienced political analyst. There is a constant back and forth between opponents and proponents of the bill claiming that the RFRA in Indiana will/will not open the door for anyone to discriminate against LGBTQ people on the basis of their "religious convictions".If you were to read the actual bill that was passed in Indiana, you'd probably walk away with even more … [Read more...]

Be Not Deceived: RFRA Is Not About Religious Liberty


There has been a firestorm in the media over the past 24 hours as Indiana’s House of Representatives passed a bill that exempts individuals and businesses from having to comply with the discrimination rulings based on their religious convocations. At the same time in Georgia, another RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) has been approved by the House judiciary subcommittee and is rapidly moving towards becoming law. Advocates are promoting both bills as necessary legislation to bolster r … [Read more...]