A Witness to Equality: My Remarks At Washington National Cathedral


The following speech was delivered by Brandan Robertson at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. on June 30th, 2015 as part of the Service Honoring the Road to Equality.This evening, we gather here in this sacred space to give thanks to God for the dawning of a new day in our nation.A day that many in this room, if asked just a few years ago, never believed that they would have lived to see.Tonight, we gather here to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling that affirms the f … [Read more...]

Evangelical Leaders Affirm SCOTUS Ruling, Say There Is Still Work To Do


As the Supreme Court issued its ruling in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states this morning, nearly 100 evangelical leaders have come togetherto celebrate the ruling and call on Christians around the country to continue to work for justice for LGBTQ individuals in the church and in society.“As Evangelical pastors and leaders, we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of good news for all people. Following in the way of Jesus, we are compelled to be a voice for … [Read more...]

5 (Great) Things I Learned As A Fundamentalist


My journey of faith has taken me in, out, and all around the spectrum of Christian theology and practice. Throughout my eleven years as a Christian, I have identified as everything from Fundamentalist, to Pentecostal, to Mormon, to Anglican, to Evangelical and everything in between. In every season of my faith, God has taught me a ton of life transforming principles that have helped me develop both into a better Christian as well as a better human being. Of all of the seasons of my faith … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Charleston


O God, great is the misery that has come upon our nation and the world; Our cares overwhelm us, and we do not know what to do. O God, be gracious to us and help us. Grant us strength to bear what is taking place in the world and in our land this day, and let not fear rule over us. And God, we pray for the eyes to see the seeds of racism and discrimination in our own hearts. God forgive us for participating in and perpetuating a system that continues to oppress your precious children of … [Read more...]

Tony Campolo Calls for Full Inclusion of Gay & Lesbian Christians


**Updated: June 8 at 12:30pmThis morning, Dr. Tony Campolo, well known evangelical activist, educator, speaker, and founder of Red Letter Christians released a statement on his blog announcing his official change of heart and mind on LGBTQ inclusion in the church. In the statement he says:  "While I have always tried to communicate grace and understanding to people on both sides of the issue, my answer to that question has always been somewhat ambiguous. One reason for that ambiguity was th … [Read more...]

Why You Should Support “At the End of the Day”

Every once in a while, there is a faith based film that comes down the pike that captures an important moment and message in American culture. In the LGBTQ/Faith intersection, there have been a number of powerful documentary films that have powerfully captured the tensions between Christians and LGBTQ individuals. But, to my knowledge, there has never been a faith based, feature length film that addresses this tension with the wit, charm, and grace of a feature length  comedy.... until … [Read more...]