Leading from the Heart

Leading from the Heart April 5, 2013

Who doesn’t remember the expression, “a child should be seen and not heard!” What a potent and suppressive statement this is for a child to receive. It’s no wonder that so many adults have lived a life of devout seriousness, largely void of joyful expression and playfulness. Our society has been deeply steeped in an unspoken agreement telling us that in order to reach our goals and be successful, we must be seriously focused and (at times) heartless.

Fortunately, more and more of us are choosing a new path that embraces listening to our heart’s guidance and becoming lighter in our way of being, both in personal relationships and in the workplace. The old paradigms are breaking down as we witness more and more success stories involving people who have followed their passion and given from their hearts.

My friend, Greg Montana, has a systematic method he’s developed called, “Heart Virtues.” Through a series of questions, Greg is able to assess each person’s number one value, that most important (and often unconscious) platform where we most yearn to make each decision and choice in our lives. An affirmative statement is crafted that matches each individual’s unique heart virtue.  Greg believes, and has witnessed countless testimonies, that when we are absolutely clear of our deepest heart-driven values and remain faithful to having these virtues direct our life choices, we live in complete coherence with our truest purpose, which naturally brings success and rich fulfillment.

I’ve personally witnessed throughout my thirty-four year photography career that when I “lighten up” and remove my nose from the grindstone, I allow the constrictive fears to dissipate, thus giving my inner-child a voice to express and be free. It is from this open and receptive purview that my book, CLICK!..Choosing Love, One Frame at a Time ,was birthed.  There was a story to tell, but I couldn’t see the form until I was free enough to be as open as a child who only knows unlimited possibilities and boundless expression.

don Miguel Ruiz
(c) Carl Studna

Witnessing real-life role-models that truly live consistently from their heart can serve as a potent reminder of what it looks and feels like to live in that vibrational field of oneness where all that you feel is love and inclusion. I’ve had the opportunity to develop a most cherished connection with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and this is a man that truly leads from his heart. Love and deep recognition radiate through and as Miguel from moment to moment, providing a lightness in his sphere of influence. Your heart cannot help but feel open and free in this wave of love.

How does your inner-child wish to play and express their unique message today? What is your deeper calling that wishes a voice and a platform to sing out to the furthest mountains? Trust this emerging voice and it will continue to guide you on the path of greater freedom, love, joy and fulfillment.

Allow your precious heart to guide your path and witness your unimaginable life becoming a reality.

Right now.

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