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Explore and See Anew May 25, 2016

What would your life look like if you were to awaken each morning with the fresh, new eyes of a child? Imagine the sense of wonder and awe that you’d feel if you truly experienced life’s ever-changing diversity with every breath, blink, thought and feeling.  Imagine every cell of your body feeling fully engaged and alive as you leap out of bed to greet this amazing day filled with infinite expression and potential! You are an unstoppable force of nature as you effortlessly tap into your unique vision and gifts.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

This is the potential outlook that we have in each moment of our lives given our innate freedom to choose each thought, feeling and action that passes through our awareness.  You would think that it would be a no-brainer to consistently make this choice throughout each day, but few of us are skilled in this way. Conditioning runs deep! From the time that we’re born, we are deeply influenced by the world’s limited ideas of what’s possible. From a young age, most of us witness some level of hardship and struggle, perhaps in our immediate family or certainly in our school system.  Few of us are deeply encouraged to play full out and risk for the sake of growth and expansion.

Living a life of adventure, wonder and splendor was certainly not encouraged in my household while growing up! Making choices that provide security was the underlying message that I consistently received, and consequently, it’s no wonder that I was often bored and unengaged in my younger years of schooling. It wasn’t until I began thinking outside the box that I began to feel inspired and purposeful.

The truth is that we live in such an abundant universe, filled with rich diversity and ever-evolving intelligence. When we begin to open our eyes and our hearts to this magnificently changing world, everything becomes more vivid. Imagine being an ancient oak tree and being still in one place for two hundred years. Think of all of the changing seasons, the multitude of colors, temperatures, wildlife and activities that have circled around you throughout these two centuries. Imagine the intelligence that you’ve gained through being an unwavering witness to life’s rich and evolving ecosystem.

That wisdom lives deep within each of us and it’s constantly calling us to open and leap forward into richer dimensions of insight, love, light and service. It’s beckoning us to refine our innate gifts and craft them into the ideal forms that contribute perfectly in the world around us.  Open, listen, allow, and see anew……now!

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