What If Today Were It?

What If Today Were It? February 16, 2016

Not in a gruesome or fatalistic way, how would you see and experience this day if you knew it were to be your last day on earth?  I imagine you’d see, feel and experience everything in a heightened sense of gratitude and appreciation. Perhaps you’d look at the billowing clouds and the rich blue sky and be moved to tears at their ever-changing beauty. Or fully feel the expansive sense of wonder of a child as she looks into your eyes as she and her mother walk past you on a busy street. Perhaps all of your daily concerns would simply melt away and not have the slightest weight because your attention would be placed so fully on all of life’s treasures before you.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

What would it feel like to live so purely in the present moment where everything is seen anew? Imagine how fresh and revitalized your inner and outer vision would be. All past residue of fear and heaviness would be released and every breath would be full, pure and embracing. All conflicts and problems would be neutralized because your awareness would be so clear in knowing that they hold no real weight compared to what’s truly important and of value. Love’s pure essence would be at the forefront of every thought, feeling and action, bringing a wider dimension of consciousness woven into every experience.

Got the picture?

The truth is that every day is it because we never truly know when our last day of navigating in this precious body will call upon us to hang up its precious suit and expand into the greater dimensions. I wish to leave this world having no regrets, and that entails making the wisest choices possible in every passing moment. Every time that we place our attention on anything that distracts us or brings us down, we’re denying God’s magnificent and perfect design to fully shine in and through our lives. There is nothing that cannot be healed when we place our attention on the pureness of love and beauty woven into all that is around us. Healing can show up as a full recognition of love and grace in our life. It can appear as a complete washing away of fear or as an absolute sense of resolve and forgiveness toward ourselves and others.

Imagine waking up each morning with this heightened perspective and witness a vast sense of lightness throughout your day, as all is enriched in life’s precious and ever-changing journey. This is it, and there’s no time to waste!

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