Perfection amidst Imperfection

Perfection amidst Imperfection November 15, 2015

We live in a world filled with paradox and dichotomy. Just when you feel as if you have something figured out, you realize that there’s always more to learn, more dimensions than you had previously imagined.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

There seem to be three camps of perspective related to how we view life. The first group perceives all events and circumstances in life as flawed and imperfect, seeing life through the filter that nothing’s ever right. They might become apathetic or extreme activists. Either way, they’re living through a belief that is steeped in pain, struggle and separation.

Then there are those that see everything as Divine, just the way that it is, with no or little intention to take actions of change. We refer to these people as seeing life through rose-colored glasses, living life in denial and being at the effect of the decision makers.

Lastly, there are those that view life as perfect amidst the imperfections, not denying that there is darkness and blindness throughout our planet, but recognizing that we must rise to the occasion and bring the light of truth and awareness to those regions of darkness.

I personally fall into this third approach of thinking. When we’re able to pull our perspective back to the degree of seeing the bigger picture, it becomes clear that every moment offers us the opportunity to be discerning and discover what the greater lesson is in each circumstance we face. When we’re able to truthfully see the lesson, from all sides present, we free ourselves from blame and simply strive for a resolution based on clarity, integrity and fairness.

The Civil Rights Movement in the sixties serves as a good example of standing for a higher vision of truth for African Americans, without denying the injustice that existed. Martin Luther King stood for equality and served as a leader in boldly teaching this principle. His unwavering vision (along with those brave folks before him) eventually broke through the race line and opened a new possibility for greater freedom, equality and opportunity. He was not filled with hatred, or for certain, he didn’t hang onto it and allow its darkness to fuel him. He embodied a passionate vision of change that inspired others to join in and trust the swell of momentum taking place.

This vision was filled with possibility. He was seeing the light of perfection amidst the chaos and injustice. This is the opportunity we have in each moment of our lives. Whether dealing with a small, personal problem or a larger global issue, we have the ability in this moment to address the situation, assess it from a wider perspective and begin to take actions that usher in the light of truth for the change we wish to see. Now is the time….embrace the imperfections while holding the perfect vision!

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