Sculpting Your Life Masterpiece

Sculpting Your Life Masterpiece October 15, 2015

When you think of Michelangelo, the artwork he’ll forever be remembered for are his exquisite sculptures and paintings. However, there is one particular piece of art that the world considers his masterpiece, the sculpture of David. When standing beneath this grand, chiseled figure, one cannot help but be in awe at the level of detail accenting every muscle and body part. Life emerges out of the stone that gives a sense of soul or essence to the subject.

(c) Carl Studna
(c) Carl Studna

When Michelangelo was asked to sculpt this figure, David was originally intended to be perched high above the ground mounted on the pristine Florentine Cathedral, The Duomo. This is why David’s hands and feet are considerably larger than a man’s true proportions. When viewed from ground level and looking up at these proportions, the perspective all balances out. Knowing this tidbit makes it even more impressive when viewing the immaculate detail, time, labor and heart that went into David’s creation.

What if Michelangelo had made a different choice thinking, “Nobody’s going to see this up close, so I don’t need to give it an exceptional amount of detail.” Had this scenario played out, the world would have never been given this perfect work of art. Humanity was gifted an added richness because he chose to create a piece of art that gave fully of himself, driven by the calling of perfection. Michelangelo’s dedicated experience mixed with his passion and deep vision allowed the figure to develop perfectly and take on a life of its own, living on for countless generations to greet.

What would it look like to craft your life into a living masterpiece? What if every thought, feeling, word and actions were your chisel and your focus was devoted to a perfect daily manifestation of your gifts and contributions. Your focus would be deeply devoted to a moment-to-moment listening, a guidance that dictates your heart’s wise and pure directive. From this purview, your intentions are clearly acting from a place of service in living an illumined life where your unique talents are fully being accessed, cherished and delivered.

Now is the time to fully discover, hone and honor the tools you’ve been given and continue to sculpt your life masterpiece like no one else can. Life is awaiting your indelible imprint!

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