Don’t Give Up On Your Vision

Don’t Give Up On Your Vision September 15, 2015

Some of us have had a calling since a young age, something that has inspired us or filled us with a creative sense of wonder or fulfillment. Others have felt that creative spark at some point in their lives yet never followed it though to fruition. Most of us were never encouraged to follow our vision, or for that matter, cultivate a vision that deeply inspires us.

caption: (c) Carl Studna
caption: (c) Carl Studna

Vision is an interesting word. It can literally be defined as how we see through our eyes. John has 20/20 vision, it’s fully sharp and he can see clearly close up and at long distance. Mary’s vision is poor; her eyesight is blurry both close up and at a distance. When we use the word vision in the context of our inner sight, it takes on a more metaphorical meaning. Someone who is considered a visionary sees beyond the common way of doing things, they see from a higher perspective. They might see something that no one else has ever noticed or discovered and they can work in countless professions ranging from artists to scientists to mathematicians to grocery clerks.

When we begin to give up on our vision, isn’t it similar to Mary, where the lines of delineation become blurred, where discouragement breeds a lack of seeing clearly. If this rings true for you, isn’t it time to put on those corrective lenses and revive your unique vision?

What idea, project or thought that once ignited you have you allowed to become blurry? Isn’t it time to restore this vision and feed it the proper nutrients that will allow it to cultivate and thrive?

I speak from personal experience in this matter. I’ve carried a vision for completing a photography/relationship book for over twenty years and I’m finally following through in taking the steps necessary to bring to completion and publication. The project sat on a shelf for many years because I wasn’t clear on how to finish and publish it in a way that felt complete. Finally, at the beginning of this year while in my morning mediation practice, I was told, “Find the right editor and that will be the missing ingredient needed.” I asked a trusted friend (who knows everyone in the publishing world) for support and her first referral proved to be the perfect editor, someone who truly gets the project and has a vast and successful track record in this field. I was clear that both of these elements were essential and the project is unfolding beautifully, beyond what I could have previously imagined.

I tell this story because it exemplifies something that has deeply inspired me for many years and I wasn’t willing to release the ultimate vision. When time was ripe, through inward listening, I honored the calling and took action.

Where in your life have you been holding a vision that continues to tug at your shirtsleeve? Now is the time to cultivate a daily practice of being still and listening to your inner-directive that will, in time, always guide you and provide the perfect insights that lead you on the path of stepping into your most heartfelt visions. Trust, allow, devote and live the life of your ultimate dreams.

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