Nature’s Resilience

Nature’s Resilience February 21, 2014
(c) Carl Studna

Can we all agree that the human race is a part of nature’s grand design? In the course of human history, it’s been but a brief moment that we’ve been moving away from a time of reason and science ruling our thoughts and choices. Collectively as a culture, for hundreds of years we’ve held the belief that humanity is separate from nature, able to control our destiny apart from the natural elements. It’s now becoming clear that we are indeed a part of nature’s complex ecosystem. In fact, so integral a part that we’re being forced to recognize that our actions affect the whole. This truth is vividly being shown to us through every area of our lives; environmentally, economically, and socially, we’re currently witnessing a massive wakeup call to remember our interconnectedness with all of life.

The good news is that we are creative beings at our core and we can use our creativity to make the necessary changes to positively shift the path of separation we’ve been traveling to a path of inclusivity. This requires shifting our perspective and opening to a wider view of how we fit in with the whole.

Have you ever noticed a plant growing through a crack in the concrete, or a young sapling tree making its way through two feet of snow to flourish in the sunlight? Presumably, these plants are not thinking about how they can survive, they’re not driven by effort to grow. They are simply allowing nature’s organic elements to support them in thriving. They are naturally resilient, it’s a part of their DNA to simply correspond with the elements around them and do what they do best.

Like a plant that naturally thrives when supported by the natural elements, each of us has the opportunity to open and live in a state of cooperation, discovering how our unique imprint strengthens the community around us while in turn, we are equally being fully supported and cared for.

We are naturally resilient at our core. Feel this organic power right now as it rushes through every cell and fiber of your being. Let your light shine!

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