Trust As a Life Path

Trust As a Life Path March 14, 2014

How often in your life have you made choices out of safety, only later having wished that you had taken greater risks and dared to be bolder? We live in a world that largely encourages us to play it safe and strive for comfort, so it’s no wonder that so many of us opt for a sense of false security.

Recently, I was asking myself a question that I like to ask every so often. “If I were on my deathbed and reviewing my life, what would be my biggest regret?” The answer rang out loudly and clearly, “Being willing to take even greater risks and anchor more deeply in trust.”

(c) Carl Studna

The more fully that we allow ourselves to trust in trust, we are able to live in a state of greater clarity and receptivity. The portals of potentiality open when we’re living in a state of openness and faith. Imagine trusting implicitly that the Universe is always supporting you with absolutely no doubts. Living consistently in this sphere of influence, you make daily choices from a clear and centered perspective. You compassionately tell the truth in all situations because you know that you have nothing to lose.

Imagine being with your spouse, your co-worker, your children or your boss and having no fears whatsoever while communicating your truth. What would it feel like to be so trusting that you could say exactly what’s in your heart? There would be no need for hesitation or editing because fear would not be present. When we’re fully living from trust, fear does not exist.

So how do we go about anchoring more deeply in trust? Well, the good news is that it doesn’t depend on anyone else or outer circumstances. The challenging news is that it’s fully an inside job! We cannot try and trust more fully as it has nothing to do with effort.

Imagine shedding yourself of old clothing that you no longer need. They simply fall off of you as you release them from your body. When you have no need to hold onto the fears and concerns from the past, they simply fall away and a greater feeling of trust is instilled within.

The truth is that we are always whole and perfect, dependent on no one’s approval.

Take the devoted time each day to listen within and allow your inner-guidance to direct your thoughts, feelings and actions and you will find that you’re living an authentic, empowered and compassionate life governed by an ever-present sense of serenity with trust as your rudder.

Blessed and smooth sailing!

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