Are You Vulnerable to Love?

Are You Vulnerable to Love? April 18, 2014

Remember when being vulnerable was seen a bad thing? In reference to war, a common expression has been, “being vulnerable to attack.” In personal terms, being vulnerable to your feelings has been deeply discouraged as we’ve been told that this leads to getting hurt. We clearly come from a culture that has viewed the notion of being vulnerable as one to avoid at all costs in order to preserve safety and security.

(c) Carl Studna

As we continue to evolve as a culture growing into greater consciousness, we’re learning how to remain vulnerable while being led by our innate wisdom. In other words, we’re learning how to keep our hearts open through deepening in our compassion for ourselves and others. Our wisdom gives us a greater level of discernment throughout each day as to who is trustworthy and who is not.

Naturally, if I get a call from a telemarketer and they’re trying to sell me a new insurance plan and are asking for my personal bank information, I’m not going to trust them and will end the call. So many of our choices are determined by whether we trust a person or situation at hand. Does that person share the same values as I do? Does this company have a track record of being honest and successful in their way of operating?

Quite often, the people that we’re the closest to are the ones that we find the most challenging to remain open and vulnerable with. Whether it’s a spouse, child, parent, or closest friend, those that we share the greatest history with are often the ones that we fear we’ll have the most to lose if we are fully transparent and vulnerable. We become concerned that we’ll be judged and ridiculed for making a mistake or for expressing different views.

These concerns and challenges can serve as an opportunity to go deeper in our self-inquiry and truly see what judgments might be lurking in our consciousness. The more thoroughly that we get in touch with these judgments (whether with ourselves or others) and learn how to authentically bring the light of love to each constrictive thought and diffuse the energy that has been holding us hostage, we then find that we feel free and begin to foster a greater sense of trust from within.

When we’re not afraid, we can be open, discerning and vulnerable with the people that matter the most to us in our lives bringing a greater richness, value and freedom to our lives.

Let go and be vulnerable to love.

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