Bold Humility

Bold Humility May 17, 2013

Often, when we think of a humble person, a quiet, kind and selfless image comes to mind.

The Random House Dictionary’s definitions of Humble are:

  • ·         Not proud or arrogant.
  • ·         Feeling insignificant, inferior or subservient.
  • ·         Low in rank, position or status.
  • ·         Courteously respectful.  
  • ·         To destroy the independence, power, or pride of.
  • ·         To lower in rank, position or status.

Few of these definitions sound like leadership qualities, yet throughout history, some of our most inspiring and respected leaders are those that have led from their hearts while following a vision larger than themselves, Jesus being a most renowned example.

(c) Carl Studna

So, why in Western culture do we often carry the common misconception that we need to be heartless, self-serving and egocentric in order to be a successful and powerful leader? Perhaps we embody an unconscious fear that if we remain open, loving and compassionate, we’ll also be crucified in one form or another? If we’re too bold and visible, we’ll be targets for scrutiny! Consequently, many choose the safety of mediocrity over living a bold, enriching life filled with risks and uncertainty.

How often do we carry traces of judgment when others take initiative or choose to lead a group? Envy might surface if we see someone we’ve known for years, who has recently become successful, driving in their new luxury sedan. How seeded in the collective consciousness is the old adage, “money is the root of all evil”?

Isn’t it time that we fully embrace the blending and balance of living an empowered life, purpose-filled, inspired and successful while practicing deep humility? Take a moment right now and breathe in this vision. Your life is a most radiant, unique and powerful expression of Divine Mind, desiring in each moment to fully express, create, and be of service. The world has been waiting for your gifts that no one else can offer as brilliantly as you. With humility as your compass, all decisions are made for the good of the whole and all prosper.

True humility is grounded in knowing that we are all equal, and from this heart-centered awareness we fully honor each other as we navigate throughout our lives fulfilling our dreams and visions. From this purview, our fears and judgments dissolve and we lead from our deepest convictions. We are innately powerful like the mighty winds and gentle as a tranquil forest.

 Be your boldest while maintaining your inherent humble wisdom and witness your life expand beyond your deepest imaginings.

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